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Post  flaredragon00 on Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:04 pm

Line: Birritzumon Line
Species Range: Dragon,Machine,Holy, Dark, Bird
In-training: Bambmon
Rookie: Birritzumon (With Golden Tooth)
Champion: Erupcidramon(With Fire Tooth),Blitzdramon (with Digi-Egg of Faith), NeoDigmon (With Digi-Egg of Patience)
Ultimate: Metagaryrumon (With Platinum Tooth), Bomardramon (With Flamedramon) MetalDrimogemon(With Digmon)
Mega: Flareknightmon (With DA Tooth), Tackledramon (With Angry Fang) DevilGiromon (With Possesed Chainsaw)
SuperMega: Flareknightmon Apocalytic Mode (With Hazard Rebourne), ExoTackledramon(With Sattelite Fang),FusedGiromon (With Tekkamon)

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