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BKDracomon Line! Empty BKDracomon Line!

Post  flaredragon00 on Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:21 pm

Line: BKDracomon
Species Range: Dragon
In-training: DKKoromon
Rookie: BKDracomon (With Spirit Fang)
Champion: BKVeedramon (With Spirit Fang VD)
Ultimate: BKMasterTyrannomon,BKRiseGreymon
Mega: BKVictoryGreymon,DMNGaioumon, AlltileryGreymon (With MetalTyrannomon), Daedramon (With Gigadramon)
SuperMega:GeoAlltileryGreymon (With GeoGreymon Digimemory)[Note: Only a little stronger than normal self]

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