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Post  quintpancakes on Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:50 pm

Name: Rob "Pancakes" Lugi Toymoto
Age: 16
Fav. Species: Dark Reptile
Partner Name:Gummie Bear
Partner Species: BlackAgumon
Wanted Champion Level: BlackGreymon
Wanted Ultimate Level: Gigadramon (w/Devidramon)
Wanted Mega Level:Chaosdramon
How you joined the Gaurd Team: When exploring he came across the leader,who was on a mission. The leader saved his life.He was grateful forevermore.
Character's Personality: A very nice loving Digimon owner. "Are you hurt Gummie Bear?" Loves to battle to see his Digimon's progress. "Lets battle to see our Digimon's progress!" He likes to train. "C'mon Gummie! We gotta train for that tournament!"
How Digimon became your partner: When I went to the Digital World,hGummie was standing next to me.
Digimon's personality: She is loud. "HEY,YOU! IM HUNGRYYYYYYY!" Is competitive. "c'mon you Hookmon scumbag!" Is falsely courageous. "Aw,it was nuttin,har har har.." *Runs away*
Gaurd Team: Inferno Chomps
Fav Attribute: Virus
Least Fav. Attribute: Data
Gender: Male
Digimon Gender: Female
Writing Syle: "BlackAgumon you wanna train for the tournament with some other Tamers?"


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Post  flaredragon00 on Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:55 pm

Good job. Aceppted. Have a nice roleplay.

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