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Post  flaredragon00 on Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:16 pm

House of Colours Pbucket

Hi I'm Coronamon! Why am I white? Cuz I wanna be.

Here at the House of Colours, we specialize at changin' your Digi's hairdo! So come here,and release the hounds of your colourific imagination!

Detail Pack: For little things, like stripes,horns symbols, etc. BITS: 500
Eyes Pack: For the eyes, DUH! BITS: 200
Major Pack: Colour your Digi's main body,of course! BITS: 700

Hex Pax: All 800

Baihumon: Colours you like the legendary Soveriegn!
Devidramon: Colours you like the Demon Dragon himself, Devidramon!
Garurumon: Colours you like my main wolf, Garurumon!
Gururumon: Colours you like the my even mainer wolf, Gururumon!
Biritzumon: Colors you like the original Fanmon on this server himself, Biritzumon!

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