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Post  flaredragon00 on Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:11 pm

Name:Flambe "Daros" Redflame L'inferno
Fav. Species: Reptile
Partner Name: Tasmoje
Partner Species: BlackGuilmon
Wanted Champion Level: Tuskmon
Wanted Ultimate Level: Digitamamon
Wanted Mega Level:Devitamamon
How you joined the Gaurd Team: Tasmoje forced him to do it. He had no choice in the matter.
Character's Personality: Normally,hes a strong,noble,tough guy with a big heart. But whenever he gets mad,he becomes a destrctive person.
How Digimon became your partner: She came out of his older brother's V-pet December 31,1999.
Digimon's personality: Very pushy and angry,often forces you to do things,somewhat disobedient.
Gaurd Team: Inferno Chomps
Fav Attribute: Virus (Forced upon by Tasmoje.)
Least Fav. Attribute: Vaccine (Again,forced upon by Tasmoje.)
Digimon Gender: Female
Writing Syle: I don't need this,I'm the Admin Razz

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