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Post  flaredragon00 on Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:48 pm

Character Sheet:

Age: (11 or older)
Fav. Species: (Not the Digimon World DS style ones, stuff like Demon Dragon)
Partner Name:
Partner Species: (Must be real Name of Digimon)
Wanted Champion Level: (I'll say if it's acceptable)
Wanted Ultimate Level: (Same as Champ)
Wanted Mega Level:(Same as Champ and Ultimate)
How you joined the Gaurd Team: (Be VERY detailed)
Character's Personality: (Be VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY precise on this one.)
How Digimon became your partner: (Be detailed.)
Digimon's personality: (Same as his partners,be very detailed!)
Gaurd Team: (Dark Renagades,Inferno Chomps,Howling Lone-wolves)
Fav Attribute: (Data,Vaccine,or Virus)
Least Fav. Attribute: (Data,Vaccine, or Virus)
Gender: (Male or female,of course)
Digimon Gender: (Will be important later on Wink )
Writing Syle: (Just to prove your worth.)


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