Alright,here are the rules.......

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Alright,here are the rules....... Empty Alright,here are the rules.......

Post  flaredragon00 on Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:38 pm

RULE 1: Try not to be generic. Use a little imagination,and I'll say if it's acceptable

RULE 2: Don't let your human character be generic either , it's the law.

RULE 3: Some Digivolutions require special things. For Example, Crabmon Slide Evolves from Bukamon,but not from average Digivolution. For another Example, to get Kamemon,You must have 3 things (a A Poyomon at level 11 (b 100 Aquan EXP (c a Warp Disk.

RULE 4: Don't try any funny business......(Bunnying,Godmodding,etc.)

RULE 5: Post topics to explore areas!

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